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Topics: Emotion, Emotional intelligence, Psychology Pages: 3 (769 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Management Plan
September 26, 2012

As the manager of three individuals at Riordan Manufacturing, I found the assessments very interesting and useful. Using the results of the assessments I gained insight about my employee’s strengths and weaknesses. The results showed me how my employee’s characteristics affect the organization. Using this information I was able to assess their future within the company and create a management plan that will enhance their abilities.

The first assessment they participated in was, How Satisfied Am I With My Job? Having a higher score indicates a better chance of having overall life satisfaction. A high score would be in the range of 74-76. Marylou Orozco scored a 72; Christina Gomez scored a 60; Colby Martin scored a 66. The second test that was given was Am I Engaged? This gives an idea of how much one is willing to persist in a task. A high score indicates someone who is immersed and absorbed in what they do. The scores range from 9-45. Marylou scored 27; Christina scored 34; Colby scored 19. The third test was How are You Feeling Right Now? The scores can range from 10 to 50. A higher score indicates a positive emotional state. Marylou scored 40; Christina 46; Colby 20. Another test they took was What’s My Affect Intensity? The scores can range from 10 to 50. Having a higher score indicates that emotions are felt on a much more intense scale than average. Marylou scored 34; Christina scored 21; Colby scored 41. An interesting insight into my team was the What’s My Emotional Intelligence? test. A score of 40 or higher indicates a high Emotional Intelligence. Having high emotional intelligence translates to holding successful interpersonal relationships. Marylou scored 32; Christina scored 46; Col by scored 41. Finally the Am I Deliberate Decision Maker?assessment was given. Marylou scored a 25; Christina scored a 17; Colby scored 28. Having a score below 14 defines a rash decision maker. Scores between 14...
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