Employee Portfolio

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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan
MGT/311 Organizational Development
University of Phoenix
September 26, 2012

Employee Portfolio
Building a well balanced team that understands its goals within an organization, and implements them is both challenging, and critical. To be successful, the team must know the expectations, and they must have the tools to complete each task. It is the responsibility of management to ensure that each team member understands his or her role and has the confidence to navigate any issues that arise.

After reviewing the data collecting from the individual assessments, it is apparent that each person should be approached differently, in regard to motivation, and emotional techniques. People not only react differently to any given situation but also start at different points as well. Some people are more intense in common societal situations, which causes them to explode with little or no warning. The reason is an elevation in the emotional intensity level, which causes them to react in an emotionally unstable or intense fashion.

Based on the feedback received the three employees surveyed are positive fixtures in the organization. Natalie Robert needs more responsibility in the form of a supervisory or management role. Mike Camelot is happy and extremely proficient in his position; he should be awarded and praised. Randel Stuart is a hard-worker, who is willing to do what it takes to succeed in the organization. He should understand that there is plenty room to advance in this organization, to ensure he stays motivated for the long haul. Management strongly recommends that each individual complete other assessments in the program. Those recommended are; what is my basic personality, what do I value, what motivates me, what are my dominate needs, how do my ethics rate and how stressful is my life. These assessments will further help in understanding how to manage this team. Employee Portfolio Employee name:

Self Assessment| Results Summary| Strengths| Weaknesses| How Satisfied Am I with My Job? | 63| She keeps busy, work alone, be someone in the community. Natalie enjoys doing things for other people as instructing. She takes advantage of the chance to try her own methods on the job. | Natalie is not satisfied with the way her boss handles coworkers. She is also dissatisfied with going against her conscience. She does not get the chance to use her abilities, and she is not satisfied with advancement opportunity, freedom of judgment, or potential feelings of accomplishment.| Am I Engaged? | 23| Natalie has the qualities of a person who could be engaged in her work. It seems to be her position that frustrates her. | Natalie’s score is indicative of a person who is not engaged. | How Are You Feeling Right Now? | 32| Natalie falls right in the middle on the feelings test, which is moderately good. It shows stability in her emotions, which can contribute to a successful work environment. | If Natalie’s mood decreases slightly that could put her in a position in which she is emotionally difficult, or reserved. | What’s My Affect Intensity? | 37| Once again Natalie falls near the middle of the road. This is a good thing because she seems to be a person who effectively controls her emotional intensity in diverse environments.| Natalie could find herself in a position in which she overreacts because she is already on the upper side of the emotional intensity scale.| What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? | 35| Natalie’s scored 35, which is just under the mark for a person with high emotional intelligence. | Natalie could adjust some of perspectives to score higher on the emotional intelligence test.| Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? | 32| Natalie is a deliberate decision maker; she carefully weighs the alternatives and makes the best decision.| Natalie sometimes does things and wonders why she did them. |

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