Employee Performance Management: An Analysis

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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1. Summary of the Article:
To start with the paper in general revolves around the idea of “Employee performance is directly linked to the manager’s expectations, high expectations lead to high performance.” The paper explains things in detail with practical examples and researches for every subpart. Impact on productivity

This is illustrated with the “Metropolitan life insurance Company”, where Managers and their agents were grouped according to their abilities. The three groups were, the best manager with best agents which resulted in the best performance, the worst manager with the worst agents which resulted in worst results and attritions, and thirdly the average managers and average agents which resulted in surprisingly high performance due to the managers refusal of treating the agents to be average and treated everyone to achieve the best of results possible. Power of Expectation

If a manger believes a subordinate will fail, it is impossible for him to mask his expectations or feelings. Managers typically communicate most when they believe they are communicating least. Common Illusions – Managers are more effective in communicating low expectations to their subordinates than in communicating high expectations to them. Impossible Dreams – Managers` high expectations must pass the test of reliability before they can be translated into performance. Secret of Superiority – Superior managers have greater confidence than other managers in their own ability to develop the talents of their subordinates. The Critical Early Years

Managerial expectations have their most magical influence on young people when they are in the initial stage of the career or they are the new recruits for the organization. Key to Future Performance – The early years in a business organization, when young people can be strongly influenced by managerial expectations, are critical in determining future performance and career progress. The trainee is uniquely ready to develop or change in...
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