Employee Orientation

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  • Published : January 25, 2011
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Employee Orientation

Employee orientation is the process for welcoming the new employees into an organization. Employee orientation, often spear headed by the meeting with the HRD.Generally contain the the information about safety work environment the new job description benefits and eligibility, company culture and history, the organization chart. It also includes the information about department and training.

Level of Employee Orientation:
There are two Levels of Employee Orientation.

1) Low Level: Printing material is provided to the employee’s i.e. softcopy and email. 2) High Level: Training of employee is included.

How employee orientation is done in a leather company”

Company Name
“A&R Leathers”

Our company is committed to produce reliable environmental ,friendly and best quality products as well as to fulfill its social and legal obligations towards workers and society.

To become the premier manufacturing organization in the leather industry , gaining market competitiveness and diversifying into value added leather with clean , well maintained and friendly environment.

Following Practices And Procedures Are Used In Our Company:

i) Timing: In our organization working time start from 8:00 clock at morning. ii) Attendance: Attendance sheets will be provided to all employees. It will be available in their relevant department. iii) Over timing: If any employee ready for extra working he will be awarded payment according to his routine payment. iv) Payment Periods: Wages will be provided on weekly basis and salaries will be awarded on monthly basis. v) Job Analysis: Is done on basis of market survey.

vi) Services \ Main Products: We are dealing in export quality leathers products.



Rasheed Abbas

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