Employee Industrial Relations and Strategic Hrm

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Employee industrial relations & strategic HRM
Employee industrial relations and strategic HRM plays an important role in how the organization manages its resources. There are many aspects of industrial relations and strategic HRM that impact employees. Following are few major ones.

Engaging employees: Employee engagement is very important aspect of Industrial relations and strategic HRM. Employee engagement means putting employees first. As mentioned in an interview with Gary Burkett (managing director of FedEx). He said he joined FedEx Canada because of its people first philosophy and the fact that people first philosophy is an emphasis on employee engagement which is a key scorecard metric for manager’s accountability. People first philosophy: means taking care of the people who work for the organization (i.e. their employees). This means taking care of them from many aspects such as their education, career development, career opportunities, personal development, challenges faced and the job security. From this perspective every organization has different setup and challenges faced by their employees. Some companies may provide online course or computer based courses to their employees so they can develop soft skills such as communications and behavioral sciences etc. Some larger organizations may send their employees to learn new tools that will help them do better job. One good way of employee engagement is meeting and listening the employees. As mentioned in the report about FedEx Canada that company officers and MD’s meet their employees at each station across Canada quarterly to go over business updates and employee questions. In addition they also have a good system developed for job posting and internal hiring because they listened to the complaints of their employees. Now employees at FedEx can look at all the entry level positions and career paths within each functional area and can understand the minimum requirement and can determine where there...
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