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GJLNR Consulting Firm Employee Handbook
Company Overview
GJLNR Consulting Firm is a world renowned consulting firm that offers professional advice and organization to large to midsize business organization in the healthcare industry. GJLNR has more than 25 years of experience in unionizing; employee relations, healthcare, and investment benefit options. GJLNR Consulting Firm prides itself in offering personalize, world-class consultation to each client. Our dynamic staff is the driving force for this recognized business service. To uphold GJLNR company’s vision and integrity, our employees are held to higher standards. In this employee handbook GLJNR will identify the behaviors and actions that all our employees should adhered to as a member of the GLJNR team. Privacy

Privacy is a continuous standard at GJLNR Consulting Firm. The following areas are covered under Privacy at GJLNR: Badges, Internet Access, Confidentiality Agreements, Releasing of Company Material, Public Relations and Employee Relations. If any of the below privacy issues are violated GJLNR reserves the right to terminate an employee work relationship at GJLNR Consulting Firm.

Employee badges are issued on the first day of employment. Employees will only use their badges in the grant areas as expressed by human resources Employees should have their badges with their name visible at all times while on GJLNR properties. At no time, will an employee use another employee badge to gain entry or exit to GJLNR properties. GJLNR reserves the right to revise this agreement at anytime. Badgers are returned to management or human resources upon termination of employment. Internet Access

Employees should only use company Internet services for business purposes. GJLNR reserves the right to monitor employee Internet access activities at anytime. Limited Internet access is granted at the time of employment. Employee Internet logins should be kept...
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