Employee Exploitation

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Employee Exploitation

By | September 2010
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1. Executive Summary 4
2. Introduction 5 3. Child Labour 11
4. Exploitation of Women at workplace 18 5. Forced Labour 25
6. Case studies 28
7. Illustrations 35
8. Bibliography 39

Executive Summary:
In the 21st century, employees are the most important part of an organization. The prime concern for every organization is to retain their employees and also to keep them satisfied. But these policies are not followed in all the organizations. Instances have been seen in organizations wherein the employees are treated unjustly, cruelly and in a selfish manner for the advantage of the company and this is known as employee exploitation.

These exploitations can be in various forms such as child labour , gender biasas , forced labour , sexual exploitation, inadequate wages paid , etc. so it is a must to keep a check on sucvh activities and in order to do this proper rules and provisions should be made in an organization and also adequate regulations should be kept in place for the same .

These steps would not only help in building a better work environment...

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