Employee Engagement and Work Stress

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Which bank is promoted by 20th Century Finance Corporation and Keppel Tatlee Bank of Singapore in India? Centurion Bank
Name the term used for depreciating a company's intangible assets? Amortization
What is known as the cost of living index which represents the goods and services purchased by consumers? Consumer price index-CPI
Royal & Sun Alliance recently re-entered, after 29 years, to Indian financial market and it is the first foreign insurance company started operations here through a joint venture with an Indian company. Name the company? Sundaram finance

Who founded the famous Wall Street Journal?
Charles dow and Edward jones
What is the exchange rate of one currency for another over a fixed period of time called?| |
Swap or currency swap
Name the person who introduced the 'Double Entry' book keeping concept? Lucas pacioli
Who is the first woman became the President of Madras Chamber of Commerce?| |
Malika srinivasan
Who created SDR, Special Drawing Rights, in 1967 which deals with the reserve of international assets whose value is based on the widely used currencies? International monetary fund
Which is India's first Credit Rating Agency set up jointly by LIC, GIC, UTI, ICICI and Asian Development Bank in January 1988?| |
CRISIL(credit rating information services of india limited

 NASDAQ is acronym for
 North American Share Dealers Association Quotes
 National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations  National All Stocks Dealers Automated Quotations
 Network of Acquired Securities Distribution Application Quotations 2. IMF stands for
 International Machinery Fund
 International Monetary Fund
 Indian Machinery Fund
 Indian Monetary Fund
3. SEC means..
 Securities & Exchange Commission
 Stock Exchange Commission
 Script Exchange Commission
 Special Exchange Commission
4. NSE stands for
 National Stock Exchange
 National Script Exchange
 Network of Stock Exchange
 Non Stock Exchange
5. NYSE is is acronym for
 New York Stock Exchange
 New York Scripts Exchange
 New York Special Exchange
 National York Securities Exchange
6. NSDL stands for
 Network of Securities Depository Limited
 Network of Stocks Directory Listing
 National Stock Directory Limited
 National Securities Depository Limited
7. ADR stands for
 All Depositary Receipt
 Asian Depositary Receipt
 African Depositary Receipt
 American Depositary Receipts
8. In the context of Mutual Funds, SIP stands for..
 Systematic Investment Plan
 Scheduled Interest Plan
 Specific Insurance Plan
 Special Income Plan
9. In the context of Mutual Funds, ELSS means
 Endowment Linked Savings Scheme
 Equity Linked Savings Scheme
 Established Line Savings Scheme
 Entrepreneur Line Savings Scheme
10. AMFI stands for
 Association of Mutual Funds in India
 Arbitrated Mutual Funds India
 Arbitrated Monetary Funds India
 Associated Mega Finance of India
 Financial Statements are reports on the financial performance of organizations. They provide data on: -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form
 A) Projections for the upcoming fiscal year
 B) Where money comes from, what money is spent on and how much money is available for use   C) Comparative company data to companies in similar industries  D) All of the above
 E) None of the above
The primary function of the Income Statement is to:

Top of Form
 A) Show the company's value as of a given point in time
 B) Determine if the company will have enough cash to operate properly  C) Determine taxes owed or not owed
 D) Compare the company's assets against the company's liabilities  E) Measure the company's financial performance over a period of time

The primary function of the Balance Sheet is to:

Top of Form
 A) Measure the company's performance over a period of...
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