Employee Engagement

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The study was a part of my summer Internship project at India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd. The small glimpse of the project is presented in front of you to give you an idea of what the entire project includes. The company has given me this project to study the process in which person’s involvement and his enthusiasm for work is taken into consideration.

Project title:
This project report is about studying “Employee Engagement” in India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd. The objective of this project is to: • To determine the degree of engagement in employees.
• To study the attitude of employees towards their organization. • To study how engagement helps in developing themselves.

Employee engagement refers to cooperation between its employees and organization where everyone works together to achieve goals of organization and of the employees as well. It is a tool which determines the association of employee with organization. The engaged employees are more focused to company’s profit rather than their own personal goals. They always spread positive vibes or messages and always try to make the working environment more congenial. These employees show a great degree of organizational citizenship. There are few factors which increase the level of engagement in employees like: • Giving right job to the employees as per their likings. • Making work environment and culture more friendly and comfortable. • Giving thorough training and development sessions.

The outcome these factors are always positive plus these factors help in bringing a transparent culture in the organization. It helps in: • Increasing the productivity.
• Increasing employee retention.
• Reduces absenteeism.
• Improve customer satisfaction.
• Enhance business growth.

There are various activities related to Employee Engagement at India Yamaha Motors Pvt Ltd like Coffee with COO, Mentor Mentee Programme , Focus Groups ,Notice Boards , HR Info line , Various competitions like poster making, various exercises to reduce stress and work load like stress management programme and many benefits progarammes etc.

• To determine the degree of engagement in employees.
• To study the attitude of employees towards their organization. • To study how engagement helps in developing themselves.

My study includes understanding the Employee Engagement and the degree of engagement in the employees as well as the employee engagement activities adopted by the company for judging its effectiveness and conducting an Employee Engagement survey with respect to the current Employee Engagement. For this we framed questionnaires to judge the degree of employee engagement and their satisfaction and the attitude of employees towards their organization. Through the analysis of this survey we were able to determine not only the degree of Employee Engagement but also the probable reasons for attrition, low output, low motivation and what was that extra something required by the employees to motivate them towards commitment to the organization.

Employee Engagement is the soul of an organization. It not only reflects the progressive and positive attitude of the employees but enshrines their moral obligations towards the organization in particular and nation in general. It also inflicts the sense of discipline which is important in every walk of life.


There are two types of data. They are
• Primary Data- Questionnaire and Interaction.
• Secondary Data- Website, Newspaper, Previous Research. Both Primary and Secondary data were used.

Employee Engagement measures the degree to which a person identifies psychological satisfaction with his or her job and considers his or her perceived performance level important to self-worth. Employees with a high level of job involvement...
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