Employee Engagement

Topics: Employee engagement, Employment, Information technology Pages: 41 (10855 words) Published: May 26, 2013

“Employee Engagement Forum at Persistent System Ltd, Nagpur”

Prepared By:
Ms.Khushboo Bajaj

Guided By:
Ms.Supriya Chatterjee

Department of Management Studies and Research,
Tirpude College of Social Work,
Civil Lines, Sadar, Nagpur – 440010


I hereby declare that this project report titled “Employee Engagement” has been successfully completed at PERSISTENT SYSTEM LTD, towards the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree “Master of Business Administration – (Human Resources)” from Tirpude DMSR College, affiliated to Nagpur University. This is an original manuscript developed by me and has not been furnished from any source thereof, has not formed the basis for the award of any degree, diploma or any such titles by this institute or any other universities.


  LOCATION: Nagpur


 It gives me great pleasure to express my boundless sense of gratitude to each and every person who directly or indirectly helped me with hand and hand in completing this humble piece of work.

        First, of all I would like to thank Ms.Supriya Chatterjee under whose supervision and guidance this report was completed. I convey my special thanks to, Mr. Lalit Khullar, Director at   Tirpude DMSR College affiliated to Nagpur University for rendering valuable support. I am also very grateful to the management of my college where I have been studying, for allowing me to do the course and project.

          I specially remember and extend my humble words of thanks to my internal guide Ms. Shruti Dhabale for her guidance.

          I am also thankful to my parents, classmates and friends who were in some or the other way helpful to me in successfully completing this research study.

 Chapter - 1
1.1 Introduction to the topic 
1.2  Literature Review
Chapter - 2
2.1 Introduction to the Industry
2.2 Company Profile
Chapter -3
(Internship topic) in (company)
Chapter - 4
Research Methodology
4.1 Objectives of project /study
4.2 Scope of Study
4.3 Hypothesis
4.4 Sources of Data
4.5 Data collection methods
4.6 Analysis of Data
4.7 Limitations of the study
4.8 Findings- (Interpretation of Hypothesis)
Chapter - 5
Recommendations / Suggestions
Chapter- 6



How do you think an organization runs? With the help of people who contribute in their own way to accomplish tasks and achieve goals of the organization. The individuals who spend their maximum part of the day at the workplace, striving hard to reach to a conclusion benefiting them as well as the organization are called as employees. In a layman’s language employees are the lifeline of an organization. A human being would die if there is no blood in his body, similarly an organization can’t survive without employees. Employees are the main assets of the organization and it is really important for them to prioritize their tasks at the workplace. They should think about their company more than anything else. To extract the best out of each team member, it is important that they enjoy their work and feel attached to the organization. An employee must be committed towards his organization for him to deliver his best and remain motivated.

The employees must be engaged in productive and challenging tasks so that they do not lose their focus and avoid conflicts and unnecessary disputes. An employee must be engaged in his work for maximum output.

Employee engagement refers to a condition where the employees are fully engrossed in their work and are emotionally attached to their organization. One can’t achieve anything unless and until one is serious about it. An employee must be dedicated towards his work and should take it as a challenge. Work should never get monotonous as it would then be a burden for the individual.

In this project survey was done at PERSISTENT...
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