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Project title

Employee Engagement Strategy: Prepared for NHS London


This strategy has been developed by an initial exploration of the existing employee engagement evidence together with a limited number of stakeholder interviews and focus groups to develop: § § § § a statement about what employee engagement means for NHS in London – a definition; the case for employee engagement and why it is important; themes that highlight the issues, enablers and barriers for the London health economy; and a set of employee engagement standards.

The rationale for NHS London to commission this piece of work

To develop a common definition of employee engagement for NHS staff across London, through understanding the factors important to staff across the capital. This includes what employee engagement means, why it is important, themes that highlight the issues, enablers and barriers, and a set of employee engagement standards. Research evidence across both public and private sectors supports the notion that staff who are engaged deliver higher productivity and organisational performance, increased operating and net profit, improved customer focus, lower levels of absenteeism and higher retention. An important driver of employee engagement is clarity of leadership vision and direction. The strategy examines seven themes that were consistently highlighted by stakeholders as the key enablers and barriers to employee engagement. Leadership, partnership working, communications, management development, bottom up service development, knowledge base and measurement and recommends ways to address the barriers and increase the enablers. This report was commissioned by NHS London from an independent consultant. The report makes a number of recommendations; however NHS London has not necessarily taken all recommendations into account in the drafting of Workforce for London – A Strategic Framework.


London Strategic Health Authority Interim Chair: Michael Bell Chief Executive: Ruth Carnall CBE

HQ: Southside, 105 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QT

Employee Engagement Strategy
Prepared for NHS London
By Marianne Huggett, Jenny Parkin, Alex Albert and Helen Morling July 2008

Employee Engagement Strategy Prepared for NHS London

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Executive Summary Introduction The approach Employee engagement – what is it? Employee engagement – why is it important? Consistent themes, enablers, barriers and recommendations The employee engagement standard and indicators Conclusion Bibliography Contact details

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Employee Engagement Strategy Prepared for NHS London

Section 1 Executive Summary NHS London has a clear ten year vision for the delivery of high quality health care and improved health outcomes for Londoners and is currently working on a workforce strategy that will deliver that improvement. This is in line with the intentions of the NHS Next Stage Review which has quality of care at its heart. As part of that thinking, NHS London requires an employee engagement strategy to ensure that it understands what it can do to help support employee engagement at a system level during this period of transformational change, appreciating that the relationship that staff have is with their employing organisation and improving employee engagement is the responsibility of the employer. It also acknowledges that there are other professional, social and demographic changes that continually change how people relate to their organisations. This means that their loyalty, advocacy and pride cannot be taken for granted and constant attention needs to be given to system level barriers and enablers. Employee engagement describes the involvement of people at all levels in positive two-way dialogue and action to deliver the highest quality patient care and create great places to work – where people find...
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