Employee Empowerment

Topics: Management, Decision making, Employment Pages: 2 (552 words) Published: May 2, 2012
Do you consider employee empowerment and participation important? I consider employee empowerment to not only be important, but vital to an organization’s level of morale and human potential. Empowerment has many benefits to include: increased motivation to reduce mistakes and have individuals take more responsibility for their own actions, increased opportunity for creativity and innovation, the continuous improvement of processes, products, and services, improved customer satisfaction by having the employee closest to the customer to make rapid, relevant decisions.

Do most employees just want to do their jobs, collect a check and go home? No, I do not believe that most employees want to collect what’s owed to them and go home. I believe most people desire to make the best of their employment and fulfill themselves to the full potential. Most people desire to have their opinions valued and to participate in decision-making. Employees desire to make a difference. Being empowered signifies to employees that they are trustworthy and capable of making decisions. This implication gives them a sense of employee pride, self-respect, and self-worth.

Employee empowerment made an extremely significant difference at Johnson’s. Once empowered, the employees realized that their behaviors and choices directly affected the customer and the success of the organization. Once enabled to make decisions and have an influence, they began requesting information about costs and customer reactions. Eventually, even work design, compensation systems, and performance-appraisal systems were changed. I am, and very thankfully, very empowered at my present job.

Based on what you read and researched, would you consider employee empowerment and participation the foundation of organizational development? I would absolutely deem employee empowerment as a foundation of organizational development. In only considering the benefits reaped by management, it’s classification as a...
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