Employee Empowerment

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Employee Empowerment

By | June 2012
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MBA 2nd Semester

Empowerment is the process of enabling or authorizing an individual to think, behave, take action, and control work and decision making in autonomous ways. It is the state of feeling self-empowered to take control of one's own destiny.

Employee Empowerment is Employee Involvement that matters. It could also be defined as controlled transfer of authority to make decisions and take actions. Successful implementation of empowerment requires change in corporate culture. Empowerment involves actively soliciting input from those closest to the work and giving careful thought to that input. Keys to Employee Empowerment

1. Involve your employees in the decision-making process. In many companies, important decisions regarding the business come from senior level management. While this is a prudent approach to ensure the company’s overall success, many times these decisions directly affect the lower level employees. If the final outcome of the decision is a less than positive one for the employees, often they feel mistreated and unappreciated. You can keep morale high and empower your employees by involving them in business decisions that directly relate to them. For example, if your company is considering a dress code change, allow your employees to voice their opinions on the new dress code and offer suggestions for portraying a more professional image. This does not mean you have to follow every decision your employees make; it simply offers them an outlet to feel a part of the team and a contributor to the company’s overall success.

2. Involve your employees in the planning process. In corporations across United States, self-directed work teams meet regularly to brainstorm ways to save money and work more efficiently. They take an active role in the goal-setting and planning process for the company as well as themselves....

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