Employee Dissatisfaction

Topics: Management, Employment, Stress Pages: 5 (1576 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Employee dissatisfaction leads to non hygienic and non favorable work environment (Mawoli & Winnubst, 2011). If an employee is dissatisfied to his job he/she is quitting, not engage in working activities rather than adapting behavior like problem solving related to their working activities and they are not fulfilling their job and work requirement because they are not satisfied and also it create bad impact on the productivity of the organization. Individual differences on small scale in an organization create dissatisfaction on high level because they are not fully engage in their work. And impact of these traits cause conflict in management style and individual work ethics etc. Job dissatisfaction is an unpleasant condition for organization, manager and employee. It also raises behavior in employee like absence from workplace and more turnover of employee from job. Work ethics is another important factor that is negatively related correlated to job dissatisfaction like disengagement, turnover of employee and absentees. Disengagement is the most important factor relating to problem solving and loyalty because if an employee is not loyal with his and not respond the problems related to working activities and the impact of these problems on work and he/she is produces not only difficulty for their own job but also for organization and it may cause bad impact on productivity And highly dissatisfied people are particularly responding to disengagement in working activities. Unpleasant work situation and individual differences also cause dissatisfaction or strike out others. Global economy shows that there is much slower growth in work place and organization (Rosse & Saturay, 2004).Work stress is another important factor that creating job dissatisfaction in an employee because if an employee is not mentally engage in working activities so he can produce and he cannot fulfill his job requirements. And work stress may create difficulty in adaptation of work environment. It also causes disturbance at personal and organizational level. And another reason is it may create negative impact on motivation, pleasure and well being. And also causing conflict between social relationships that leads toward lower productivity of organization. Stress con result low production and disturbance. Stress leads to internal conflicts and unpleasant work environment these reasons may cause failing communication and at the end loss of customer and supplier. When work stress increase turnover of high qualified employee is also increases and because of negative relationships with public create difficulty while hiring new employees that causes more serious impact on organization productivity. Introduction of new technologies is also create issues that much skilled worker leave there post for alternative task because they are not already trained for new task. And because of shortage of well skilled employee task is overloaded and this may lead to t delaying important task and decision when task is delayed it create conflicts. Daily same routine and repetition of work is also made an employee lazy and they are facing same routine daily not create any motivation about their about their jobs. And also in organization when employees are working in q group they are complaining and gossiping it create conflict that cause conflicts and employees are not fully focused on their work and when work is not complete on time it cause delaying in achieving their target (Schabracq, Winnubst & Cooper, 2003). In various studies it has been found that employee satisfaction derive productivity and customer satisfaction but and on the other hand employee dissatisfaction left bad impact on performance factor of employees which also leads to lower productivity. Today employer faces many critical situations in their job tasks and some stress management issues these issues contribute in lower job performance of employee. Stress raise through lack of miss management,...
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