Employee Discrimination in the Workplace

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  • Published : January 15, 2012
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Employee Discrimination in the Workplace
Law/531 – Business Law
December 19, 2011

Employee Discrimination in the Workplace
Throughout history our world has been forced to change the laws that govern us to keep up with how we evolve as a society. What was prevalent in the fifties is not the case in today’s time. Specifically the American workforces along with the laws and policies that govern them have truly evolved. Today American workers have protection from laws that were non-existent in the times of our parents. Often times, stories of how workers were discriminated against because of their race, age or gender seem preposterous and out of sort. In current times, the majority of Americans would find it appalling for a worker to lose their job based on their race, age or gender. The scenario presented for this week’s topic covers one of these types of discrimination – age discrimination. Age discrimination “involves treating someone (an applicant or employee) less favorably because of their age” (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, n.d.).

In the Employee Discrimination Scenario we meet Isabelle, an older worker employed by the Quick Takes Video (QTV) organization. Isabelle has been with QTV for five years in the capacity of receptionist; throughout that time she received no indication from QTV that her performance was lacking. It is easy to assume, based on how the scenario presented itself, that Isabelle was given the job to keep a client happy and that her manager never offered any negative feedback relating to her job performance. Karen, another QTV employee complained to Hal, the manager that Isabelle’s performance was now affecting the company. Karen claimed that Isabelle was slow, forgetful and did not follow instructions very well. Karen used several derogatory terms related to Isabelle’s age such as “old biddy”. She also made comments concerning the effect she believed Isabelle’s age had on her performance and the need to keep up with the...
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