Employee Delegation and Empowerment

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Delegation & Empowerment |

Table of Contents
Definition, Impact and Extent of Problem3
Causes that has led to the problem3
Effects of the problem4
Why it needs to be solved and what happens if unsolved?5
Rationale for the solution7
Logical Rationale7
Support from Research & Data9
General Findings9
Officer-Related Findings10
Employee related Findings12
Details of implementing solution14
Action Plan15
Organizational and Individual benefits15
Benefits of Empowerment Solution in ADPGHQ15
Benefits of Delegation Solution in ADPGHQ16
Organizational Analysis17
Purposes, Policies and Procedures18
Organizational, Cultural and Ethical Factors19
Ability to implement proposed solution20
Connection to Mission, Vision, Values and Ethical Standards20 Conclusion21
Appendix A: Survey Questionnaire23
Appendix B: Matrix for Empowerment and Delegation of Authority35


‘Employee Delegation and Empowerment’ is a mantra that is gaining great relevance in the modern circles of management gurus and experts. The relevance of the subject is quite self-evident in the modern business environment. As the most momentous of all the corporate resources, its Human Resource (or simply the workforce) is faced with numerous operational issues in their daily work. Traditional form (Theory X by Douglas McGregor) of employee motivation advocates that employees require constant guidance and close supervision to perform effectively. However, the dynamically changing modern society requires public service organizations such as Abu Dhabi Police General Head Quarter (ADPGHQ) to adapt more rapidly to modern trends and employee empowerment is the key to this organizational agility. An empowered employee is more likely to respond quickly and hence more efficiently to the crucial situation, community needs and service encounters. So, what exactly do the management gurus mean when they say ‘Employee Empowerment and Delegation’? Brymer (1991) defines Employee empowerment as ‘an extensive management philosophy that enables the employees to exercise the authority to take decisions on the spot to resolve operational issues’. The problem statement identified as the focus of this investigative research is to ‘To analyze the relevance of employee delegation and empowerment in modern ADPGHQ and to draw recommendations for improvement’. Empowerment can only be initiated from the top management level and handed down the organizational ladder. Particularly, in a socially critical organization such as the ADPGHQ, employee empowerment can mean the difference between life and death. Hence this topic is very important to the efficient operation of ADPGHQ. As a solution to this situation, the research aims to propose a basis for improving the employee delegation and empowerment levels in the organization. Various methodologies for creating a favorable environment to development of employee confidence and empowerment have been explored in relevance with the survey conducted in the organization. Additionally, this research project strives to evaluate and relate with the methodology of empowerment and delegation of authority in ADPGHQ GHQ by considering the scientific concept of policing operation delegation and empowerment. The solution also considers the types, and levels of delegation and operational empowerment of police officers and offers proposal/suggestions to improve the empowerment framework in the organization. Background

Definition, Impact and Extent of Problem
Based on our evaluation of the nature of work at ADPGHQ, employee empowerment and delegation is a crucial component in the daily operations. The existing lack of employee empowerment has led to severe disadvantages for the officers in the field duty, particularly in the line of fire. We have exhibited a case study (right) from real-life...
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