Employee Commitment and Corporate Excellence

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Employee commitment and corporate excellence
Commitment, empowerment and trust go hand-in-hand. DINESH K VOHRA writes that it is the only way to achieve true corporate excellence The success of any organisation’s future business strategy depends a great deal on its employees’ commitment levels. It is for the organisational leadership to attract, motivate and retain committed people for future business objectives. Organisational leadership needs to create the understanding that it is only an employee’s total commitment that will get translated into greater productivity and a very high level of quality service, which ultimately affects the bottomline. According to a Watson Wyatt Survey, ‘Work USA 2000’, it was revealed that there were seven key factors which made an impact on an employee’s commitment levels. Trust and skills occupy top slots in this survey and were followed by job security and good pay package. Seven key factors: (percent impact of each factor)

* Trust in senior leadership (14%)
* Chance to use skills on the job (14%)
* Job security (11%)
* Competitiveness of rewards (11%)
* Quality of company’s products/services (10%)
* Absence of work-related stress (7%)
* Honesty and integrity of company’s business conduct (7%). * All other factors put together accounted for the rest of 26 percent. This clearly demonstrates that ‘Trust in leadership’ occupies the top slot and lays the strong foundation for other factors. The leadership must first demonstrate their level of commitment to employees and win their trust if it wants their commitment, dedication and hard work in return. What the leadership gives to its employees, it receives in return. To achieve something a person must have the requisite skills and knowledge, but more important than that is the willingness and positive attitude to accomplish the assigned job. Emplo-yees feel encouraged and motivated when they perceive that their contributions are valued and their organisation cares about their material, emotional and intellectual needs. In such a positive work atmosphere people willingly volunteer themselves to hard work. Types of trust

Employees will show more commitment to their work if the organisational leadership creates more trust in the working climate. Trust works wonders for people at all levels and empowers them to do extraordinary things. It also helps them to release their blocked energies, intellects, capacities and creativities. Management gurus Galford and Drapeue have identified three types of trust i.e. strategic trust, organisational trust and personal trust. Strategic trust is the faith people have in the organisation’s ability to do things right, in terms of its goals and strategies. Organisational trust is people’s faith in the firm’s processes, including the decision-making process; while personal trust is an employee’s faith and confidence in the organisational leadership in the context of their integrity, confidence and vision. How employees feel make an impact on their productivity levels. The levels of an employee’s commitment has a direct bearing on the sustainability and profitability of any business firm. Pay and perks is just one dimension of the work place. The leadership must ensure that their employees are treated with kindness and fairness. Emplo-yers must bring in lot of flexibility in their policies to ensure employee commitment. Various researches on this subject have shown that a number of factors can influence an employee’s feelings: 1. Quality of immediate, middle and top leadership;

2. Clarity in vision, mission and strategies of a firm;
3. People’s trust in established systems and structures;
4. Conducive and participatory work atmosphere;
5. Good compensation package;
6. Performance based promotions;
7. Efficient communication systems;
8. Good training and development facilities;
9. A sense of involvement—inviting the suggestions to improve the efficiency...
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