Employee Burnout

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Employment Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Employee burnout can be thought of as a psychological process -a series of attitudinal and emotional reactions -that an employee goes through as a result of job related and personal experiences. Often the first sign of burnout is a feeling of being emotionally exhausted from one’s own work. When asked to describe how she or he feels, such an employee might mention feeling drained or used up, at the end of the rope, and physically fatigued. Waking up in the morning may be accompanied by a feeling of dread at the thought of having to put in another day on the job. In addition to emotional exhaustion, the second aspect of burnout is a feeling of low personal accomplishment. Many individuals begin their careers with expectations that they will be able to make great contributions to their employer and society. After a year or two on the job, they begin to realize they are not living up to these expectations. CausePsychological ReactionsConsequences

Lack of RewardsEmotional exhaustionWithdrawal
Lack of ClarityDepersonalizationInterpersonal friction
Personal ResponsibilityLow personal accomplishmentHealth suffers & Family problem

To prevent Employee Burnout: Participation in decision making may help prevent burnout by clarifying role expectations and giving employees an opportunity to reduce some of [their] role conflicts. Moreover, motivation factor is essential to lessen employee’s emotional stresses. In addition to moral motivation, work motivation could be practiced through renewing employees’ tasks every now and then in order to prevent sense of boredom and over-repetition. Maintaining a healthy work environment and focusing on collaboration and mutual enthusiasm between employees can also contribute to preventing employee burnout. Finally, it is crucial to realize that facing Employee Burnout is eventually inevitable so in addition to trying to prevent its occurrence, it is important to learn how to accept it and deal...
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