Employee Benfits at Nokia

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Benefits Overview 2012

Provide market competitive benefits at a cost affordable to the business and employees who must pay for them.

Actively encourage to lead healthy lifestyles to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Actively pursue tools which give participants more information and control over their care.

• Make the experience of using benefits simple, positive and efficient.

Rather than passing costs to all employees, users pay more. Insurance is protection against financial ruin, not against all expenses.

Provide tools that give participants more information and control over their care.

Medical, Dental & Vision Plans

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• United Healthcare Choice Plus PPO

• United Healthcare Low Bridge PPO

• United Healthcare High Deductible Plan

• Kaiser Permanente HMO California

• Tufts HMO
Annual Deductibles


Deductible will apply to employee only coverage.


The total combined expenses of all covered family members must meet the family deductible before the plan begins to pay benefits for any covered individual. After the family deductible has been met, no additional deductibles are required.

Inpatriates will be eligible for specific benefits:

• Healthcare and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) - Annual Enrollment or Status Change • Commuter Expense Reimbursement Account (CERA)
• Hyatt Legal

Enrollment in these benefits is subject to the same enrollment guidelines for U.S. participants.

Additional Benefits

| |Fully Covered |Covered* | |Services |(In-Network Attorney |(Out-of-Network Attorney) | | |Yes |Up to $50 | |Office Consultation | | | | |Yes |Up to $50 | |Telephone Advice | | | | |Yes |Up to $10,000 | |Traffic Ticket Defense (no DUI) | | | |Child Custody - Contested & Uncontested |Yes |Up to $50 | |Divorce - Contested & Uncontested |Yes |Up to $50 | | |Yes |Up to $135 individual/ | |Wills and Codicils...
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