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  • Published : February 1, 2012
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Employer’s incentives should be to provide the finest environment for their employees if they want the work to be done in a good and timely manner. Providing benefits that will increase employee’s morale is a positive way to get the best out of an employee. If employees see that their employers care about them and are willing to provide them the “extras” in life they will more likely be harder working. HR managers need to take into account different types of morale boosters when dealing with their employees.

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For any employer, employees are the main and key asset regardless of type of organization is being run. In employing incentives to achieve health and productivity goals, employers face a number of challenges. For employers to adopt a pragmatic approach to meet challenges is to suggest solutions based on study findings (IBI, 2009). Suggestions focused on how to move forward in aligning employers’ goals and programs with their corporate culture or adjusting their culture and communication strategies to more closely align with employers’ productivity needs (IBI, 2009).

Creating a work environment that attracts top employees and retains talent requires being in tune with the needs of employees and a dynamic, innovative approach to building a corporate climate (Rose, 2008). Employers should focus incentive programs where employees will do the most good. Reviewing exiting data on different conditions affect total cost and listening to the employees’ value (IBI, 2009). Stick with your goals over time and consistency is vital. Change only when goals are met and exceeded, then move to other higher-value goals (IBI, 2009).

On site services offer conveniences that can help employees manage a demanding schedule. Financial incentives are attractive to entry level workers as well as those with limited family incomes (Rose, 2008). The larger the organization, the more relevant this becomes (Rose, 2008). Food is brain fuel...
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