Employee Attitude

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  • Published : July 16, 2006
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The importance of Organizational Context on Employees' Attitudes: An Examination of Working in Main Offices Versus Branch Offices ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1). Summary of the Article:

This research is presented the result of a study conducted with employees of branch banks and main office banks regarding their job related attitudes. As the organization context is important in the determination of attitudes and behaviors (Rousseau, 1978) so the purpose of this study is to examine that there are any differences in Job related attitudes between employees in branch bank and main office banks. From the past one contextual issue that has not received much research attention is the effect of physical distance from the main office on the job related attitudes of employees. But with the advances in technology such as e-mail, physical distance from the main office may not have an impact of the attitudes of employees. Any way without empirical investigation, the effect of physical distance is unknown. The actual distance measured in miles was not used in this study. The job related attitudes that are examined are job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job involvement, partial inclusion, role conflict, and role ambiguity. Job satisfaction is defined as "the degree to which employees have a positive affective orientation toward employment by the organization" (Price&Mueller, 1986; p.215). Organizational commitment is defined as "the relative strength of an individual's identification with and involvement in a particular organization" (Mowday, Steers, & Porter, 1979; p.226). Job involvement is defined as "the degree to which a person is identified psychologically with his work, or the importance of work in his total self-image" (Lodahl & Kejner, 1965; p. 24). Partial inclusion is defined as the "the extent to which individuals perceived themselves to be a part of...
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