Employee Absenteeism

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“Employee Absenteeism”

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* To study reasons the Employee Absenteeism in IT industry. * To analyse the
* To come up with recommendations and to ensure focusing on the issue of eliminating, or at least reducing, unnecessary levels of absence.


* Study and evaluate the employee absenteeism in IT Industry. * Study the existing ratio of employee absenteeism in IT Industry. * Discussion of the existing systems with the HR Department. * Drawing up the questionnaire to be filled by staff members and administering the same. * Secondary Data to be gathered from Records.

* Analysis and interpretations of the findings.
* Recommendations to be given.
Review of Literature

Surname , surname name (2012) in his study on “topic” discussed that THEORATICAL FRAMEWORK
Absence control can often be an important step in the process of reducing business costs. Because of competitive pressures, companies can no longer afford to carry unnecessary absence That they may have tolerated in the past. Therefore, many companies are focusing on the issue of eliminating, or at least reducing, unnecessary levels of absence. Absence affects more than just the person who is absent. The absent employees themselves and their dependants may have a reduced income as a result of absence, besides incurring possible additional medical expenses. Employers are affected by direct costs such as sick pay, overtime and staff replacement costs,...
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