Employee Absenteeism

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A study on employees absenteeism conducted at go go international pvt ltd — Document Transcript * 1. Employees Absenteeism INTRODUCTION TITLE OF THE PROJECT: A study on “EMPLOYEES ABSENTEEISM’’ with special reference to GO GO INTERNATIONAL Pvt. Ltd., HASSAN. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To identify the reasons for Absenteeism 2. To measure the Employees Absenteeism level. 3. To identify steps required to decrease the Absenteeism. 4. To study, Employees working conditions. 5. To identify factors that motivates the Employees ,which minimise Absenteeism H.R. institute of higher education, Hassan 1 * 2. Employees Absenteeism SCOPE OF THE STUDY: The development of any organization depends on the regularity of employees. The study is conducted to know the various levels and reasons for absence of employees in an organization. By looking it, one can adopt corrective measures to decrease irregularities in the organization ,leads to organisational growth. H.R. institute of higher education, Hassan 2 * 3. Employees Absenteeism PROBLEM STATEMENT: Important characteristics of Indian workers are that, they are in the habit of abstaining from work compared to workers of other countries. The rate of Absenteeism ranges from 4.3% to 44.8%.It also varies with the seasons in the year, the highest being during May, June of every year. The main reasons for absenteeism are sickness, accidents or maternity. These factors accounted for about 1.1 to 6.6%. Social and religious causes as high as 1.7% to14.2 %.Other causes like visiting villages for attending litigation, rest, and recreation account for 0.1% to17.5 % of total absenteeism. Absenteeism is directly effects on the progress of the country and as such the companies are facing a downward trend due to recession and all that are involved in the process are to be looked into. So I have selected this work at GO GO INTERNATIONAL Pvt. Ltd., Hassan to identify the level of absenteeism and to facilitate the company to move in this direction and find some progressive results. Naturally organization has to look in to these aspects and need to find suitable remedial measures so that qualitative and quantitative progress can be achieved. In this present study Employees Absenteeism is analysed in depth. H.R. institute of higher education, Hassan 3 * 4. Employees Absenteeism RESEARCH METHODOLOGY There are 3 types, they are: 1. Explorative 2. Descriptive 3. Experimental Descriptive methodology is used in the present study. Data Sources: Primary Data: The Primary data was collected from the respondents by administering a structured questionnaire and also through observations, interviews & discussion with Management team. Secondary Data: Apart from Primary data, the secondary data is being collected through Text books, records of GO GO International Pvt. Limited, Journals from Library, Academic Reports, and Internet , used for this study. H.R. institute of higher education, Hassan 4 * 5. Employees Absenteeism Sampling: Sample Population: There are total 1115 employees working in the organization. Sample Size: Out of the total population, the sample taken among respondents from the quality department is 95. Sampling Area: The research was conducted at quality department of GO GO International Pvt. Limited Hassan. Sample Method: The research was made by the survey in accordance to the convenience of the employees. So the sample type is convenience sampling. H.R. institute of higher education, Hassan 5 * 6. Employees Absenteeism TOOLS USED FOR ANALYSIS Instrument: A structured Questionnaire is used, and the type of questionnaire is target questions. Method: The research was conducted by using contact methods through Questionnaire, Interview and Observation. The information was collected from the employees of quality department only. H.R. institute of higher education, Hassan 6 * 7. Employees Absenteeism DATA ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES: The data is analyzed with” Simple analysis technique”....
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