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Employability is a person's capability of gaining and maintaining employment. (Hillage and Pollard, 1998). Why people are not getting the desired employment what they deserve or what they expect from their degree. This is the major problem or question faced by the young graduates.

On the one hand a person's employability depends on the knowledge, skills and attitudes of this person. On the other hand labour market rules and institutions have significant impact on the ability of an individual to gain employment. Hence, a person with the same knowledge and skills characteristics might fare very differently in different national or regional labour markets.

This is enabled by everyone coming out of the public employment and skills system being able to work in a team, communicate clearly, listen well, be interested and keen to learn, take criticism, solve problems, read, write and add. These employability skills are the lubricant of our increasingly complex and interconnected workplace. They are not a substitute for specific knowledge and technical skills: but they make the difference between being good at a subject and being good at doing a job. (Employability challenge executive summary, UK) While there is no singular definition of employability, a review of the literature suggests that employability is about work and the ability to be employed, such as: • the ability to gain initial employment; hence the interest in ensuring that ‘key skills’, careers advice and an understanding about the world of work are embedded in the education system • the ability to maintain employment and make ‘transitions’ between jobs and roles within the same organization to meet new job requirements, and • The ability to obtain new employment if required, i.e. to be independent in the labour market by being willing and able to manage their own employment transitions between and within organizations. It is also, ideally, about:

• The quality of such work or employment. People may be able to obtain work but it may be below their level of skill, or in low paid, undesirable or unsustainable jobs, and so forth. • The capacity and capability of gaining and maintaining productive work over the period of one's working life(Muhammad Nawaz Qaisar, MS HRD, NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan)

There are about 200 MBA colleges in Karnataka affiliated to many universities. Bangalore University itself has around 5,000 MBA students, and offering various specialization and opportunity for the students to do MBA.

The importance of higher education in relation to the progress of the individual and the nation cannot be overstated. In today’s world, the intellectual capital of a nation is its biggest strength in driving socio-economic growth. For an individual, higher education is not only a means of intellectual pursuit, but also a catalyst to become self-dependent financially to lead a respectable life. We as a Nation have been the beneficiaries of the new knowledge based world economy and so has been the consistently growing Indian middle class. To continue on this growth path and allow its advantages to trickle down to the masses, we need to continue to audit the quality of our higher education system, identify gaps and implement constructive interventions for a better tomorrow. (National Employability Report aspiring minds, 2009)

The level of educational attainment of the working population provides a crude measure of the knowledge and skills available in each country. It presents the educational characteristics of the supply side of the labour market. In this context, the share of the population with high educational attainment was selected as the core indicator for measuring progress in the field of employability.

If the employability rates decreases or low the training and development cost for the organizations become high and reduces the possibility of making good profit margin.

There for it is very important...
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