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1.0 Introduction
Forest Conservation Botswana (FCB) is a company registered under the Botswana’s companies’ Act and mandated to manage the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund (TFCF) in Botswana. The company is a non-profit making entity and is directed by the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism on behalf of the Governments of Botswana and the United States of America. The main aim of the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund (TFCF) is to support communities, institutions/organizations in the conservation, maintenance and restoration of forest areas through activities consistent with the Botswana Forest Act and Policy, and the Tropical Forest Conservation Act. The following Forest Conservation Activities are supported by the Fund: * Establishment, restoration, protection and maintenance of protected areas including Parks and reserves. * Development and implementation of scientifically sound systems of natural resources Management, including land and ecosystem management practices. * Training programmes to increase the scientific, technical and managerial capacities of individuals and organizations involved in conservation efforts. * Restoration, protection or sustainable use of diverse animal and plant species. * Research and identification of medicinal uses of tropical forest plant to treat human diseases, illnesses and health related concerns. * Development and support of the livelihoods of individuals living in or near forests in a manner consistent with protecting such tropical forest.

The core functions of Forest Conservation Botswana (FCB)

1. To administer the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund in promoting activities designed to conserve, maintain and restore the forests of Botswana.

2. To disburse grants from the fund to support eligible activities. 3. To oversee activities financed from the fund.
4. To promote activities designed to conserve, maintain and restore the forests of Botswana in accordance with the terms of the Tropical Forest Agreement, Forest Act, the National Forest Policy and the Tropical Forest Conservation Fund Order.

5. To procure contributions to the funds of the company by way of subscriptions, donations, bequests, endowment and benefits of any nature from any source whatsoever to be used for the advancement of the company’s objects.

6. To establish, support, and aid in the establishment of any other associations, organizations, and institutions formed for all or any of the objects of the company.

7. To organize scientific symposia, courses of instruction, and meetings to further the objectives of the company.

8. To do all such lawful things as are necessary for the attainment of the above objects or any of them.

There is a basic presumption that there is something that a manager can do that will have an effect in altering either the quantity of performance, the quality of performance, or the direction of the performance. The decision to change one’s behavior is always the domain of the person who has to behave differently. Motivation to change always is a process that goes on inside the person who makes the change, but there is something that one person can do to connect with the inner processes in another to influence that person to alter his or her behavior. There are some strategies by which a manager can attempt to influence another’s behavior.

There are many influences or factors that affect behavior. To locate and analyze some of them is exceptionally difficult as there are attempts to remove or replace them to change behavior. All are complex and, collectively, are subject to a basic psychological process, which is motivation. Successful motivation of employees requires a complete change in the outlook of most managers who are either unenthusiastic or too cynical or set in...
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