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By | June 2008
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Rationalism and Empiricism are most likely the two most famous and interesting schools of philosophy. The two schools deal specifically with epistemology, or, the origin of knowledge. Although not completely ,different from eachother, they are often considered same sometimes

and are seen as the “Jordan vs. Bird” of the philosophy world. The beginning of rationalism and empiricism can be traced back to the 17th century, when many important advancements were made in scientific fields such as astronomy and mechanics. These advancements were most likely the basis for a fast philosophical argument: What do we truly know? People wondered whether science was really giving us knowledge of reality. The search for the answer to this question led to the development of these two schools of philosophy. One of the most famous philosophers of epistemology is Rene Descartes the former being a rationalist, and the latter an empiricist. In this essay I will try to give an understanding of both rationalism and empiricism, show the ideas and contributions from the importsnt philosopher.

When Descartes started his own thought on Rationalism in the 17th century, when science and other important scientific creationism were created. Descartes determined to set up an original system of knowledge to swap the knowledge of the church. This is where Descartes introduced his major idea ”Method of Doubt”. In his 'Method of Doubt' (Canadian Encyclopedia) he couldn't question every single object, so concentrated on three main things such as the senses, the physical bodies, and the Math and science. Descartes belives that humans have natural knowledge free of experience. Descartes is a well-known supporter of rationalism. His ideas were all try to prove the truth and realism.

Descarte believes that Empiricism is the vision that all information comes from the senses. It proves that no knowledge can come without first experiencing something or trying something. He believes...

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