Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide

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  • Published : May 13, 2012
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The objective of this lab is to experimentally determine the empirical formula of Magnesium Oxide. Equipment:
• Ring Stand
• 5 inch ring
• wire gauze
• Crucible and Crucible lid
• Butane burner
• Magnesium
• Crucible tongs
• Safety glasses
• Gloves
Experimental Procedure

1. Setup ring stand with five inch ring and triangle.
2. Obtain desired amount of Magnesium, a crucible with a lid and crucible tongs. 3. Weigh the crucible, crucible lid and the obtained magnesium and record respective weights. 4. Heat the crucible with the magnesium in it and place the lid so that there is a small opening. 5. Continue to heat at medium heat for five minutes.

6. Then, heat at high heat for five minutes.
7. Shut burner down and let the magnesium cool for about ten minutes. 8. After ten minutes, add enough water to the magnesium to submerge half of the ash. 9. Now, heat the crucible at low heat till the water evaporates. 10. Once the water evaporates, heat crucible at medium heat for a minute with the lid places such that there is a small opening. 11. Then heat at high heat for five minutes.

12. Finally, allow another ten minute cooling period.
13. Weigh the Crucible along with the magnesium and record the weight. Observations
• After step five, butane burner was replaced due to technical difficulties. • After step six, magnesium was observed to be a bright red color. • After step seven, magnesium ash was observed to be a Grey white color. • As step ten took place and the water evaporated, a strong odor was observed. • At the end of the experiment the magnesium was still observed to be a Grey white color. Data Table

|OBJECT |MASS(grams) | |...
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