Empirical Analysis of Internet User in Dhaka City

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Empirical analysis of internet user in Dhaka city
BY Md. Faisal
BBA (Studying) 4th year
Major in International Business
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka


Customer Analysis
A questionnaire survey method has been used to analyze the customer of internet services in Dhaka city. We basically tried to find the percentage of internet user, using pattern, nature of expenditure, satisfaction level, and the opportunity for a new business to enter into the market. The percentage of internet user in Dhaka City

Among all respondents of our survey, 78% people use internet and the rest 22% do not use internet. This is given in the following graph:

Figure1.1: The percentage of internet user in Dhaka City

From the above figure, we can easily understand the percentage of internet user in Dhaka City. Among all 78%user, majority are students, businessman, and private employee. On the other hand among all 22%non user, majority are government employee, small and medium (SME) business owner.

Using pattern
There are many internet services provider in Dhaka City that provide different internet package. As a result the using pattern of people is different. Using pattern can be divided into the following categories: A) Forms of internet used by the people

B) Brand preferences
C) Package preference
A) Forms of internet used by the people
Internet can be divided into different forms. These are:
(A1) Broadband internet
(A2) Wireless Modem
(A3) Mobile Internet
(A4) Wi-Fi

In Dhaka city, people use different forms of internet. The graphical figure of different forms used by the people is given below:

Figure: 1.2 Forms of internet used by the people (%)

The figure (1.2) shows that 74% people use wireless modem, 17% use broadband internet, 7%use mobile internet and 2% use Wi-Fi. This figure clearly mentions that people prefer wireless modem over broadband internet. The reasons are the following:

(1)Wireless modem internet provides better speed than broadband. (2)Low connection Cost
(3)Prepaid package
(4)Suitable for both Desktop computer and the Laptop

The people specially the university student have the facility to use Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi coverage area is very limited in Dhaka City. Some people also use mobile interne

B) Brand preferences
Many companies in Dhaka city provide internet services. These are the followings: A)Broadband Services provider
B)Banglalion Wimax
People use Different Brand. Brand preferences are shown in the following graph:

Figure: 1.3 Brand Preferences

The above figure shows that 17% people use broadband internet,30%use banglalion wimax,23%use qubee,7.5%use citycell ,2.5%use airtel,and20.51%use Grameenphone (GP) internet. We can say from our survey that top two brands are banglalion and qubee.Others are the broadbandservics provider, GP, citycell and the airtel. C) Package preference

There are many types of internet packages are available .People use different package based on their demand, cost structure, and brand preferences. The following graph shows the different packages used by the people:

Figure: 1.3 package preferences

According to the figure 1.3, it is clear that 43.5%people use unlimited package, 7.39%people use internet minipac, 5.51%people use a package that has limitations of more than 800MB.35.56% people use 800MB-1GB package, 7.69% use 1-2.5GB package. And 2.56% use other package. Basically business man and rich people prefer...
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