Empire of Death & Destruction

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, World War II Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: January 3, 2013
The long and bloody trail of the British Empire has a record that cannot be matched. Believe it or not, the British have invaded 9 out of 10 nations on Earth in their pursuit of global domination.

Literally only 22 nations have not felt the Debt and Death of the British Empire. And yet, some how we hold this family in high esteem? Well, no more.

Queen Elizabeth's early rise to power came after her stuttering father George VI lost control of the, "Empire that the sun never set on" and died of lung cancer. And that George VI only came to power after his brother Edward VIII abdicated the throne, supposedly for love of Wallis Simpson. I don't believe in that fairy tale as it was because of his embarrassing support of the Nazi regime and the rise of Hitler.

Even her current husband Prince Philip was a Nazi supporter and all four of his sisters married German princes and three - Sophie, Cecile and Margarita - became members of the Nazi party. The Royal family was such strong supporters of the Nazi regime, that Rudolf Hess flew secretly to England to stop the feud between the two countries he loved.

While the Nazi bombs were blasting London, one of the most famous propaganda pieces used in Britain was, "Keep calm and carry on."

I wonder if the British subjects would have been so calm if they had known that the Royal family they hold in high regard funded the foundation of the Nazi War machine through bankers like Hjalmar Schacht with the help of the Bank of England's Sir Montagu Norman?

Stop fawning over these Elitists that enslave humanity through debt and death. The blind devotion of her subjects reminds me of Norman Bates's devotion to his mother. Their Royal power is a dying form of Elitism that needs to be brought to an end.

The British had long had a silver trade deficit with China with the consumption of China's silk and tea. The British West India company used the illegal drug importation of Opium to settle the enormous silver trade deficit...
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