Empathy in Frankenstein

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  • Published: January 1, 2013
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Empathy in frankenstein

The sympathy of the reader in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” should be towards the monster, and not towards that of Victor Frankenstein. The creature could be considered just a lost puppy, confused with life as he is... reborn.. recreated.. reanimated.. whatever the word is of which i am looking for. The creature didnt ask to be born, he didnt control what vagina he flew out of, even tho technically he was made up of many different pieces of people which flew out of presumably many different vaginas. So i guess the right saying would be the creature could not control what mad scientist created him from a crazy and sick apperception. Even if he did have a choice, i highly doubt he would have chosen such a pussy. “Oh looketh i just created this monster i shall runneth away and hopeth all my problems disappeareth” When the creature was scaring people the moment they laid eyes upon his hideous and foul object which defined his head that could barley be described as a face, more like a doll that edward scissorhands used to own, he was so confused and disorientated with not just feelings but sights, sounds, and pain. In the end, the disgusting creature only wanted a mate of equal or greater disgust (lets face it, if he requested something even slightly better i dont even think that monster would take him).

Using a real life example, if you saw a morbidly obese midget, who was blind and deff with a mental disability wouldnt you feel bad? Do you think that person chose to fly out of a morbidly obese small person woman, who was blind and married a deff person with a mental disability? No. Its the same concept in Frankenstein, albeit in a totally different situation. Shelley doesnt show any sympathy towards Dr. Frankenstein for creating an ugly monster, its his own ignorance which led to the exhibit.

This next reason that sympathy should be towards the creature, i like to call the “lost puppy” effect. If you atrociously stole a harmless, blind, newborn puppy from its caring mother, and then tried to feed it with your own non-existent breast milk but when you realized that it wasnt working you let the puppy go into the treacherous wild, it would become lost and amazingly confused. The puppy would then most likely be killed gruesomely by a lone bald eagle migrating alone up north past new york in order to hope and achieve a fur coat and brag to all the other bald eagles. But the creature from frankenstein is a 8 foot monstrosity, and not a harmless puppy, so he does the killing instead. Before he does the killing however, he has to teach himself everything, from what fire is, to how to speak in amazingly complex english for such a short period of learning. But he never would have been such a position if Dr. Frankenstein hadn't run away from his responsibility. If the Dr. had taught the creature instead of having him learn from hiding in a families shed and listening to them, i think he would have been a good guy. He would be a great painter since he wouldnt have to use one of those lone sticks to reach the ceilings, and could help peaceful old woman reach things on shelves way to high for her to reach, and the creature could be taught how to play basketball. Hed be better than Jordan, who wouldnt want to get a fresh pair of Creatures on their feet instead of Jordans or Lebrons. Well if they looked anything like the creature himself than everybody.. but thats not the point.

The entire time, the creature was lonely. He only has one wish and that is to have a mate. If you were the only purple skinned person on earth and nobody liked you, wouldnt it mean the world if someone made another purple person for you? If not youd be the only one, ever, to live alone in purple town, with purple houses, purple cars, purple streets, purple grass, but no purple people. You can only own so many purple cats before you get all purple lonely again. You’d be purple lonely for the rest of eternity without that mate. I...
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