Empathy and Sympathy

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Empathy and Sympathy

Empathy is the ability to re-create another person’s perspective, or trying to get a sense of that person with that problem and with those emotions. While empathy and sympathy are two closely related concepts, I believe that the slight difference between them can be found in the idea of “identification”. For, while sympathy says, “I understand how you feel and show compassion towards you,” empathy goes a step further and says, “I feel what you feel”. A simple way to remember it is that empathy is just a more intense emotion than sympathy. I like to say that a branch of empathy has to do with making someone else’s problems, your problems. There are 3 different aspects to empathy the first one is perspective taking- an attempt to take on the view point of another person, just try to think of it as if you were the other person. The second is emotional; this helps us get closer to experiencing others’ feelings- or trying to feel the emotions of fear, joy, and sadness of a person. And the third is genuine concern for the welfare of the other person, which means you already have affection for that person. I started talking to my ex boyfriend of mine, who is now just a friend, and he is going through a really hard time with making friends and I remember not too long ago I was going through the same things as he was and not only did I feel bad but I felt like I needed to help him because he made it seem as if he had absolutely no one to talk to or anyone who had his back. In this situation I tried putting myself in his shoes. I remember the feeling I had when I was in a similar way but he seemed to be doing worse and it was so sad for me to hear him sound so low and it was heartbreaking empathizing with him. I did it mostly because I did not know how to handle this and I just felt so bad. It made me realize how hard his life must be compared with mine. I have a best friend who I can talk to whenever I wish or need her, and my friend says that he...
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