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Logic and Emotions
University of Phoenix

Logic and Emotions
What is logic? According to Wikipedia, logic is most often said to be the study of criteria for the evaluation of arguments. Wikipedia also indicates that logic investigates and classifies the structure of statements and arguments. Logic can be broken down into many logic categories. Such categories are syllogistic logic, predicate logic, modal logic, deduction and reasoning, mathematical logic, philosophical logic, logic and computation, and argumentation theory. (Wikipedia, 2006). This logic list can be found on the Wikipedia website. On the website, it also explains what each logic means. That is one explanation of what logic is. Another explanation comes from The American Heritage Dictionary. The American Heritage Dictionary explains logic as the study of the principles of reasoning; a system of reasoning or valid reasoning. (The American Heritage Dictionary, 2000). As I had listed above, there are many ways to answer that question. However, no matter how it is answered, all answers should conclude one same meaning. And that is that logic means reasoning. Logic is something that I always try to use when making decisions. Sometimes, it is hard to use logic when emotions are involved. How are emotions defined? Emotions also can be explained in many ways. Emotions are how a person feels toward something or another person. Emotions can be expressed through expressions, actions, and words. Let me explain. Expression emotions are identified by a person’s face. How a person feels at that moment about a subject or issue. Action emotions are identified by someone doing something physically, such as bringing a love one some flowers when that person is ill. And word expressions can be from telling someone how I feel about them, in something such as a song. Logic is divided by two types. Those two types are inductive logic and...

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