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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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My Essay on Emotions.
The human mind has always interested me. The word “mind-boggling” might actually be the word i am looking for... I found myself curious to where thoughts and emotions come from .Questions such as : “what exactly are emotions? Why do i find it hard to control my emotions? Are there true and fake feelings?”popped into my head. Such doubts always made me rethink and accept how fascinating the mind is... What actually got me started on this topic of “emotions” is questioning the reactions behind an incident that i encounter . I wanted to know why i reacted the way i did for this happening. I tried answering myself personal questions first but i could not come to any conclusion because i didn’t know what emotions exactly were and how they worked. After some so called research i found out a few points which helped me to get to a conclusion... From what i read, emotions are a psychological state of a human being. Another vital element of emotions is the limbic system. The limbic system is a complex set of nerves and networks in the brain that control our emotions. The word “limbic” derives from the Latin word “limbus” meaning edge. In this case it is the barrier between the brain and body: the nervous system. One question of my that i truly clung onto for a long time is : “Are there true and fake feelings?” To answer this i was forced to look upon the theories on emotions. One of the most controversial theories is “The James- Lange” . This theory proposes that “...we feel sorry because we cry; angry because we strike afraid because we tremble....” So if i were to believe in this theory ,i would say that all emotions are fake ! But if i looked at another theory : a common one , “The Cannon–Bard” which means exactly the opposite to the previous theory , i would completely defy my first statement saying that emotions are fake! This “Cannon-Bard Theory” states : “ ...the behaviour or action depends completely on the emotional state of a being...”...
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