Emotional Intelligence Paper

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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Emotional Intelligence Paper
There is no total compromise on the definitions of emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence, only varying views that identify how the two concepts differ. As Daniel Goleman puts Emotional intelligence in five sectors; managing ones own emotions, motivating oneself, recognizing, and understanding other people's emotions and managing relationships (2006), whereas cognitive intelligence is one’s intellect with reasoning, analyzing, logic and prioritizing. With emotional intelligence one should be able to communicate well, take others opinions and be considerate of others feelings, take rejection with ease, and handle confrontation. Cognitive intelligence is more of knowledge in what one does and educated and or recalling information. Within the five sectors of the emotional intelligence there are emotional competencies. These emotional competencies range from self awareness about oneself and awareness about others, then cognitive intelligence would some how play a role with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence should come from home and in school. A child at an early age is taught how to deal with anger and sadness and uses what was taught or adapted in his or her adult years. Once a child feels sadness or anger, they do not arrive to the concept right away of how to deal with his or her emotions. As parents or guardians we are responsible to teach them how handle these feelings. Parents should teach self control and communication. Being able to talk to a child and open those doors to not be afraid to talk about feelings is a good start for future relationships. Everyone knows that a three-year-old is not going to go to his or her parents and say “mommy, daddy I feel angry today” but instead show it in facial expressions and sometimes temper tantrums that is when a parent should sits with the three-year-old and ask why are he or she is upset and discuss on how to approach a the problem at that time. These teaching will...
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