Emotional Intelligence Essay

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Management Essay 1

Do managers need emotional intelligence to manage successfully in the workplace? Why or Why not? (1000 words)

In the last two decades research has been conducted regarding the significant connection between emotional intelligence, also known as Emotional –intelligence quotient (EQ), and its effective implementation with managerial skills in the workplace. In the Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling, Arlie Hochschild pointed out the difference between physical and emotional labor, and the importance of emotional intelligence which identified the need for monitoring emotional intelligence at work. This essay will highlight the need for managers to have knowledge of emotional intelligence in order to successfully manage in the workplace, and in order to achieve optimal employee and customer satisfaction. In order to successfully implement exceptional leadership qualities a manager must familiarize and understand the concept of emotional intelligence as well as develop a strong working relationship with his/her employees. This essay will focus on three aspects emotional intelligence implementation in the workplace. There are three aspects of implementing characteristics of emotional intelligence that this essay will focus on. Firstly, how a managers’ understanding of emotional intelligence affects the employees. Second, how emotional intelligence in the workplace affects the customer. Third, how significant the leadership of a manger with emotional intelligence can influence employees in the workplace benefitting workplace effectiveness and efficiency.

When a manager establishes a professional relationship with their employees, they must not only be aware of the employees’ work ethic but also their emotions and how they interact with customers and other coworkers. The best way a manager can be influential and support their employee’s emotions and feelings is by possessing sufficient knowledge in emotional intelligence...
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