Emotional Intelligence Ch. 3,7,11,13 Psychology Summaries

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
Chapter 3: When Smart is Dumb
Throughout this chapter Goleman argues that a person’s IQ has little to do with their success in life. For example, someone with extremely high SAT scores who parties his way through college could take ten years to finally get a degree whereas a person with mediocre scores but studies diligently in college will earn his degree in four years. Emotional intelligence can be very beneficial throughout life. With the ability to understand others and the outcomes of situations puts one in a better standing when it comes to facing the “vicissitudes of life” regardless of your academic standing.

This chapter correlates well with our teachings in AP Psychology because it informs us that there is not only one type of intelligence. Each form of intelligence is unique to itself. Analytical intelligence is based upon academic problem solving (i.e. math). Creative intelligence has to do with being able to make unique decisions and one’s ability to adapt to environments. Practical intelligence is required for everyday tasks with several solutions. It confirms what we have learned in class, that there is many forms of intelligence which people do not take in account when analyzing an individual. Contrary to popular belief, intelligence is not only based on academics. This reinforces the knowledge I already have on intelligence.

Chapter 7: The Roots of Empathy
We are informed of how empathy is beneficial to us in many ways; with empathy we are able to have more successful marriages, careers and friendships than those without empathy. Empathy gives us the ability to recognize other people’s emotions and how to handle them. Having a lack of empathy also says a lot about a person, this is normally present in murderers, rapists, and child molesters. Empathy is not only understanding verbal emotions but also nonverbal such as body language. Being able to read one’s gestures, tone, and facial...
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