Emotional Intelligence

Topics: Emotional intelligence, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Problem solving Pages: 24 (7717 words) Published: June 4, 2011

This assessment pertains to my personal emotional intelligence. This assessment aims to examine the four dimensions of my emotional ability and capacity based on Tapia’s emotional intelligence inventory chart. This assessment also aims to pinpoint the strong and weak points of my personal emotional behaviors especially in my daily encounter with the people inside and outside my organization.

Based on the chart my scores for the four emotional dimensions are: Perception, Appraisal and Expression of Emotions (3.6), Emotional Facilitation of Thinking (1.2), Understanding and Analyzing Emotions and Employing Emotional Knowledge (3.2) and Reflective Regulation of Emotion (2.6). My Overall Emotional Intelligence Score is 2.65. According to Tapia (pg. 347), a score of 4 and above indicate high emotional intelligence while a score equal to 2 or less indicates a low emotional intelligence. None of my scores reached 4.00 and I even have a score of 1.2 which indicate that I really need to make considerably more efforts to improve my EQ. My score in Emotional Facilitation of Thinking is too low that it reflects my inability to manage my emotions and that these emotions (negative) rather negatively affect my judgment. Relative to the concept of leadership, I would like to employ the idea of Kozlowski & colleagues which says that “leadership resides in the situation” (Kozlowski, et.al. cited in Wolff, Steven B. et.al. p.348). Right here, we are talking of situations wherein one’s ability to manage whatever kind of emotion is held severely important. According to Wolff & colleagues, “emotional intelligence plays an important role in leadership emergence” (Wolff, Steven B. et. al p.353). It is therefore important that I will be able to work on improving all of my scores in the four dimensions in order that I become a good leader (even informal team leader) .


|Specific Area to Improve: | |I need to focus on improving my score in Emotional Facilitation Thinking or that of managing my negative emotions during times of stressful | |situations. | |Problems to Overcome: | |Behaviors that have already been in one’s personality since birth will take much time and effort to be changed or improved. Time will be a | |big problem. The people around me who might be directly or indirectly affected by my lack of emotional control may not cooperate. |

|Detailed Specific Actions |Changes To Look For | |I need to be patient in every stressful situation I would have to be |I am looking forward to improving my patience. | |in. |I am hoping to improve my endurance in getting into stressful | | |situations and of dealing with undesirable people. | |Traffic jams, stubborn co-employees and subordinates, noisy | | |environment are situations, places and people that I have to practice |I am hoping that the people around me could find me easy to deal with| |being with everyday. |and that they become more comfortable discussing their concerns with | | |me. | |I need to talk to people more often in order to...
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