Emotional Intelligence

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  • Published : September 29, 2010
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Emotional Intelligence
Crystal Walker
University of Phoenix

Emotional Intelligence
This paper will examine the importance of emotional intelligence in all aspects of life. This paper will also describe the differences between traditional cognitive intelligence and emotional intelligence. Finally, this paper will analyze the use of emotional intelligence concepts in work life, home life, and personal life. It is important to have a balance of emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence. Emotional intelligence is just as important to a person’s success as cognitive intelligence. Goleman (1995) states, IQ and emotional intelligence are not opposing competencies, but rather separate ones. We all mix intellect and emotional acuity; people with a high IQ but low emotional intelligence (or low IQ and high emotional intelligence) are, despite the stereotypes, relatively rare. Indeed, there is a slight correlation between IQ and some aspects of emotional intelligence – though small enough to make clear these are largely independent entities. Emotional intelligence is important because human interaction is inevitable, and with human interaction comes emotional experiences. Managers must supervise people, and they must effectively handle situations and motivate their employees to get the best out of them. If that manager has a high IQ and a low emotional intelligence, he/she will not be successful. Emotional intelligence is essential to success in all areas of a person’s life. A person will not be successful in his/her career if he/she is incapable of effectively handling situations with coworkers. It is also very unlikely that someone will be able to create a strong family life without a reasonably high emotional intelligence. Goleman (1995) uses Gary and his fiancée, Ellen, as an example. In the example, Ellen was furious with Gary because he was “emotionally flat, completely unresponsive”. Gary was a very successful surgeon who was...
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