Emotional Intelligence

Topics: Feeling, Emotion, Emotional intelligence Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. This is a big factor that comes along with growing up and forming relationships. People who do not have a strong emotional intelligence have a very hard time making relationships that last. When playing into a young adults life if this is not developed that young adult will be having a hard time being able to function in day to day tasks. This plays a major factor in the everyday lives of young adults just by not being able to communicate with people that will play a major role in where you end up in life. There are four parts to emotional intelligence according to psychology.about.com. The first part is perceiving emotions. Perceiving emotions is understanding and seeing others people’s emotions, like their body language. Body language emotions could be anything from slouching, facial esspresions, slow walking, or giving the silent treatment. This is especially important to know because without this many young adults may not know what their friends are feeling or anyone around them and it would be hard for them to form friendships or even work relationships. Relationships are all about how one acts around each other, and if one person doesn’t realize how the other is feeling it will be a hard relationship to keep. This is why having a strong emotional intelligence in college and in the workplace is so important. The second part to emotional intelligence is and react to. We respond emotionally to things that gather our attention. This is helpful when we want to form a relationship with our boss at work as a young adult. Because of our emotions if we know what our boss wants out of us, our emotions kick in because we do not want to disappoint them thus hurting ourselves in the long run. The third part of emotional intelligence is understanding emotions. Understanding emotions is a very essential part of life. Again this is great example for a young adult with a new...
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