Emotional Intelligence

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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence
Tifany Drapeau
AIU Online

Emotional intelligence is an important factor in the ability of people to relate to themselves and each other. It was once believed that those with high IQs would be successful, we know understand that might not be true. High emotional intelligence (EQ) scores are now believed to play a role the success of an individual. Emotional intelligence gives a person the ability to recognize what their emotions mean and apply them appropriately in each circumstance. High EQs are common in people with leadership skills, the ability they have to reason, and make on the spot decisions and analyze information. Understanding the significance of emotional intelligence will help anyone gain personal success.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence Taking an emotional intelligence test is a fun learning experience; my response to some of questions came easily while some required consideration. When I reached the portion of the test that required me to decide what emotions the people in the picture were experiencing I really had to take my time, I would look at the picture, look at the emotion choices then back at the picture before I could make my decision. Thru taking the emotional intelligence I was able to see my areas of strength, weakness and what to improve on. According to my test results my overall emotional intelligence is good; I have a long list of strengths a few areas at I can develop more and two areas of limitations. I was fairly impressed with my test results but I was not surprised by my areas of limitations, improving my impulse control and being more assertive. I know I need to improve on these two factors and it was interesting to see that the emotional intelligence could identify that. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize the meaning of emotions and their relationships, to be able to use them in reasoning and solving...
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