Emotional Intelligence

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International Journal of Business and Management

April, 2009

Emotional Intelligence and Employee Performance as an Indicator for Promotion, a Study of Automobile Industry in the City of Belgaum, Karnataka, India Praveen M.Kulkarni (Corresponding author) Karnatak Law Society’s, Institute of Management Education & Research Sy. No. 77, Adarsh Nagar, Hindwadi Belgaum 590011, Karnataka State, India Tel: 91-831-2405-511 E-mail: praveenmkulkarni@gmail.com B. Janakiram Department of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A), M. S .Ramaiah Institute of Technology Vidya Soudha, MSRIT Post, MSR Nagar, Bangalore 560054. Karnataka State, India Tel: 91- 80- 2360-0822 E-mail: drbjanakiram@gmail.com D.N.S. Kumar Alliance Business School 19th Cross 7th Main B T M I Stage, 34th main, Dollar Colony, Bangalore 560068. Karnataka State, India Tel: 91- 80- 2668-4369 Abstract This study is undertaken to understand the performance level of managers and supervisors at an automobile retailer in the city of Belgaum, the study focuses on understanding the emotional intelligence of the managers and supervisors and its link to their performance level on the job. The findings of the study indicate that emotional intelligence has an impact on the performance level of the managers and supervisors. Keywords: Emotional intelligence, Performance appraisal 1. Introduction In this complex scenario organization both public and private sector have to manage change in an effective way. Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in helping the managers and employees to cope with this dynamic change in the business environment. Dalip Singh, (2001) mentioned that application of emotional intelligence supports the managers and employees to recognize and understand emotions and using emotional intelligence to manage oneself and his/her relationship with others. The application of emotional intelligence in the organization includes the areas like personnel selection, development of employees, teams and the organization. The organizations must coach their employees in developing their interpersonal skills and coach them to perform effectively on the job with other employees in the organization.(Reuven Bar-On et al, 2007). Employees need to enhance their emotional intelligence skills, apart from technical skills, which in turn will enhance their productivity on the job. Management of emotional intelligence by the team members will help in developing interpersonal skills of the team members. Organization’s to be successful, need to develop employee’s emotional intelligence skills to work effectively in the organisation. (Bob Wall, 2008). 2. Review of literature In the past fifteen years, much has been written about emotional intelligence and its role in the workplace. The experts in the field of emotional intelligence have offered definitions and models to understand the concept of emotional 161

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Vol. 4, No. 4

International Journal of Business and Management

intelligence and its impact on employee’s life and work. The theory of emotional intelligence is developed and conceptualized into three models ability model, traits model and mixed model. According to John Mayer and Peter Salovey emotional intelligence is the ability to accurately identify and understand one’s own emotional reactions and those of others. It also involves the ability to regulate one’s emotions to use them to make good decisions and to act effectively. Further, Reuven Bar-On defined emotional intelligence as being concerned with effectively understanding oneself and others, relating well to people and adapting to and coping with the immediate surroundings to be more successful in dealing with environmental demands. Daniel Goleman defined emotional intelligence as a capacity for recognizing our own and others feeling for motivating our self and for managing our emotions, both within ourselves and in our relationship. (Neal M. Ashkanasy et al, 2000). The...
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