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Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence

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  • November 2012
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Emotional Intelligence Paper
University of Phoenix
PSY/301 – Emotional Intelligence
July 7, 2012

Emotional Intelligence Paper
Intelligence cannot be described in a simple way and also does not have straightforward definition. The meaning of intelligence may vary from situation to situation. The word “intelligence” is mostly and generally used for human beings, but it also has been used for plants and animals in few cases. Nowadays, there is one more type of intelligence included which is called artificial intelligence (AI). This form of intelligence is used for describing machines such as computers, and this kind of intelligence is believed to be very close to human intelligence. Human intelligence comes in lots of variations such as critical thinking, creativity, learning, problem solving, reasoning and logic. In basic terms, intelligence means “to be able to learn something from experience and retain it” (Goleman, 2005). Traditional cognitive intelligence is tested in many ways and areas, such as a vocabulary test is to test someone’s vocabulary strength. When a person aces a vocabulary test, it is believed that he/she has a strong knowledge of the vocabulary. Unfortunately, unlike cognitive intelligence, schools and colleges do not do any testing for emotional intelligence. In fact, there are still not many tests available to test emotional intelligence because it depends on the person’s behavior mostly, and that it may not give accurate results. A person may fake his/her behavior or change it to skew the results (Goleman, 2005). Emotional evolutions depend on person’s behavior and capacity to cope and adjust in new and changing situations. A cognitively intelligent person may resolve all the problems which is related to cognitions but may not handle it as well in emotional conditions. For example a person, who is very smart...

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