Emotional Intellegence

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Emotional Intelligence is a set of skill which help us to deal with the daily demand and pressure. It takes important role in the organization. Today’s competitive work environment and culture puts a lot of pressure on the people. The most distant roots of Emotional Intelligence can be traced back to Darwin’s early work on the importance of Emotional Intelligence expression for Survival and adaptation.

In the 1900’s even through traditional definition of Intelligence emphasized cognitive aspect such as memory and problem solving. Emotional intelligence was developed by singer and salovey in 1994 and at 1998 popularised by Goleman.

For instance as early as 1920 Emotional Intelligence Thorndika at Columbia University used the term Social Intelligence to describe the skill of understanding and managing other people.

In 1940 David Wechsler described the influence of non-intellective factors as intelligent behaviour and further argued that own models of intelligence would not be complete until we an adequately describe those factors.

In 1975, Howard Crardners framers of mind the theory of multi intelligence introduced the idea of important include both interpersonal intelligence .

The first use of the term Emotional Intelligence is usually attributed to Payne’s doctoral thesis, a study of emotional developing intelligence from 1985. However, prior to this term Emotional intelligence had appeared in Launer (1966) Green span (1989) and Emotional Intelligence model followed by Salvery and Mayer at 1990.

Example : High performing managers at the Johnson and Johnson Consumer and personal care group were seen to possess significantly Higher levels of self awareness, Self-Management capacity, Social skills and organizational Saving all considered part of the emotional intelligence domain.

Research has shown that emotional intelligence like technical skill, cane be developed through a Systematic and consistent approach to building competence in personal and Social awareness, Self-Management and social skill. However, unlike technical skills, the pathways in the brain associated with social and emotional competence are different from those engaged with cognitive learning as the foundations of Social and emotional competencies are after laid down early in life and reinforced over several years, they tend to become synonymous with our self-image and thus to personal development and performance excellence.


According to salovey and Mayer (1990) defined Emotional Intelligence as the ability to monitor one’s and others feeling and emotional to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action.

There are three famous models.

1. Ability Model.

2. Mixed Model

3. Trait Model

Models of Emotional Intelligence
a) Ability model of Emotional Intelligence:
In Psychology, emotions and reasoning sometimes have been viewed in opposition to one another. The contemporary view that emotions convey information about relationships however, suggests that emotions and intelligence can work hand in hand. Emotions reflect relationships between a person and a friend, a family, the situation, and a society. Mayer and Salovey (1990, 1997) defined Emotional Intelligence as “the ability to perceive and express emotion, assimilate emotion in thought, understand and reason with emotion and regulate emotion in the self and others”

The domain of emotional intelligence describes several discrete emotional abilites. These emotional abilities can be divided into four classes. The most basic skills involve the perception and expression of emotion. This includes identifying and expressing emotions in one’s physical states, feelings...
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