Emotional Inteligence

Topics: Leadership, Emotional intelligence, Intelligence quotient Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Gary Baxter Individual Research Project

s2769256 Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence. Goleman, McKee, and Boyatzis.

Executive Summary
This is a book about Emotional Intelligence (EI), what it is, how it differs from IQ (Intelligence Quotient), how it can be and, the authors argue, why it should be leveraged by leaders to achieve more contented (and therefore more productive) individuals, teams, and organisations – which will ultimately lead to better business results. It provides a comprehensive introduction to the current understanding of the art and science of EI as at 2002 - which research indicates1 has changed little since then. It focuses on the concepts of ‘resonance’ (the ability to attune people to the positive energy of a leader) and ‘dissonance’ (the discord created by the negative behaviour of the leader). It presents 18 core leadership competencies which the authors argue are, to a lesser or greater degree, consistently present in all great leaders but are lacking in simply good leaders. The book presents six leadership styles, four of which are described as being resonant styles which leaders are advised to use, and two of which are described as dissonant styles which leaders are advised to use “sparingly, if at all”, and identifies which core competencies are present in leaders using each leadership style. A mechanism to enable the application of EI to effect positive change is presented (“The Five Discoveries”) and separate guidance is provided as how to apply the processes within it to the individual, the team, and the organisation. I found this to be the single most valuable element of the book – allowing me to start to make the leap from the assumption that EI abilities are only innate, and therefore can not be taught, to recognising that whilst we all have an innate amount of EI capability within us we can improve that measure with motivation, the correct tool, and practice. Throughout the book valuable real...
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