Emotional Influence to Switch Brands

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Md. Iqbal hosen
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Emotional Influence To Switch Brands

Emotional Influence: At present time our consumer are changing. Their buying decision and using habits are changing. Consumer loyalty is weakening, because they constantly move on to new services and new brands entering the market place. Emotional influence is reasons for consumer switching brands. Consumer is emotionally attracted by the company services. In different way consumer are emotionally influenced in switching brands. Relationship is the major facts for changing brands in telecommunication companies. When the consumer is not able to properly communicate the others persons such as- friends, family and neighbors, then consumer or user can change their brands. Maximum time in relationship they uses same brands in the telecommunication site. For any companies to be successful in this new and ‘now’ emotional economy they need to create and build emotional loyalty. Consumer often claim they uses/purchase rationally. But studies indicate that the factors influencing purchases/uses are 80% emotional and 20% intellectual. In recent trends the companies are trying to initiate several talk time packages and special sim-card offers for couples or for newly weds, or for students. So the consumers seem to switch from their existing brands to other more viable brands. The family members and the relationship with acquaintance also influences the consumers emotionally to switch brands. Different advertisements also makes the customers emotionally biased to a specific brand and sometimes the emotion can strongly affect the consumers, if the brand publicity or promotion or service hampers the conscience. So for the emotional influence to switch brands in the telecommunication companies.
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