Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities

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  • Published: June 5, 2012
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Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities
Cheryl Chamblin
SPE-226 Educating the Exceptional Learner
May 27, 2012
Michael L. Zinn, Ph.D.

Emotional, Behavioral, and Physical Disabilities
Exceptional children are those who experience difficulties in learning and whose performance requires modification in curriculum and instruction. These children experience difficulty in learning, socialization, vocational, and other life skills. The children will exhibit differences in learning abilities. Some will learn and be able to use what they have learned in different situations. Others will require a more structured and repetitive environment so they can remember and use the different skills throughout their life. This paper will explain and describe effective teaching strategies for exceptional students. And give examples of these strategies, for students with behavioral and emotional disorders, physical, and health impairments and also those who have traumatic brain injury. It will also show ways of helping these students learn to advocate for themselves with confidence and enhance their self esteem. Teaching Strategies

Emotional and Behavior Disorders
Some students struggle with their behavior and emotions and have not learned to control themselves or think before they act. Some may have medical conditions that contribute to the mood swings. Teachers can help the student by allowing the student to explain how the disability affects them and how they think how it should be handled in the classroom. This shows the student, that the teacher respects them, and will open the door to effective communication between the two.

Traumatic Brain Injury
Children with traumatic brain injury will require relearning what they have already learned in life such as coping skills, and social skills. Teachers will need to apply behavior modification Techniques to help the child cope with the things that used to come naturally before their accident....
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