Emotion and Thu Interdependence

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  • Published : January 27, 2012
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Sociology: Marriages and Families
Final Term Paper
Due: April 28, 2011 THU

Interdependence and Relationships
Chapter Five

When you look back at your relationships in the past and when you look at the way you were when you were in those relationships, were you the same? Or did you see yourself change? When someone is in a relationship, I believe, they become different than who they really are. Being in love has such a strong influence on the people, sometimes they get lost. I believe that the strength that an individual has, to not lose sight of himself or herself while in love, describes the interdependence of those partners.

Interdependence has a lot of connection with relationships. Therapist John Crosby (text pg 112), talks about the different styles of relationships and how the individuals’ interdependence connects with that style. He distinguished three different types of relationships. First, the A-frame relationship is described as a relationship where the partners have very little independence but a strong identity through the relationship. The individuals in this type of relationship have too much interdependence, and if one grows out the other one will end up falling. The second style is the H-frame relationship. This is when the partners have little or no interdependence. The partners in this type of relationship aren’t emotionally connected with each other and can stand by themselves. Lastly, the M-frame relationship. Crosby describes this relationship style as having the best interdependency. The partners both have individuality yet they bring that support and influence to the other partner.

Lehmiller also talks about interdependence and relationships. His article Secret Romantic Relationships talked about his research on how secrecy of a relationship can be harmful and how that affects the interdependency of that individual. Lehmiller states that secrecy of a relationship shows the individual’s low self-esteem and...
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