Emotion and Power (as Social Influence): Their Impact on Organizational Citizenship and Counterproductive Individual and Organizational Behaviour

Topics: Scientific method, Psychology, Theory Pages: 3 (757 words) Published: November 16, 2010

Emotion and power (as social influence): Their impact on organizational citizenship and counterproductive individual and organizational behaviour

The article under review has been taken from the “Journal of Occupational Psychology” by the University of South Florida.


Emotion and power as manifested in forms of social influence have been studied throughout millennia, and have recently enjoyed intense scientific scrutiny. However, their joint effects on important classes of discretionary behaviours in work organizations have not been well elaborated. This paper provides a theoretical framework derived from past research within which these joint effects are described, and offers hypotheses to guide future research. A primary theme is that emotion and social influence, when considered at individual, dyadic and organizational levels, have a reciprocal causal relationship and jointly affect organizational behaviour, especially behaviour that is largely discretionary, including organizational citizenship and counterproductive work behaviour (OCB and CWB), as well as counterproductive organizational behaviour (COB).

Critical analysis:
Counterproductive behaviour on the part of individuals is a critical element in an organization's success or failure, but perhaps even more significant is a pattern of such behaviour that may be permitted or even encouraged by the organization. This research article has been found to have the following lacuna- * While research attention has been focused on counterproductive work behaviour (CWB) of individuals, much less has been directed toward counterproductive organizational behaviour (COB). * Emotions and patterns of social influence seem to be implicated in the occurrence of both organizational citizenship and counterproductive behaviour. However, the manner in which the emotions and social influence independently and jointly operate to culminate in OCB, CWB and COB has not been...
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