Emo vs Indie

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  • Published : January 27, 2008
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Many often confuse the modern Emo and Indie music scene, but little do they realize they are completely different. Between the sense of fashion style, the history, and the musical culture these genres are as different as day and night. Emo being derived from the word Emotional has a more sensitive, but commercial style, while Indie derived from the word independent stands for the modern independent music scene. Although emanated from each other, both musical scenes have taken a completely separate path from each other.

The Indie kid often has a disheveled appearance. Their hair has a modified, greasy bed head look. They can be found wearing undersized t-shorts that look as if they could be found in thrift stores, but are not in fact actually ought from thrift stores. The color choice of clothing should be vibrant yellow, green, or orange. Wearing black is too "L.A.," and wearing white is too gauche. Indie kids like to be seen as clever cynics, and because of this they live a thrifty life style. They feel living the way they do it is hard to make piles of cash; well most of them feel this way. There are the Indie kid "want to bes" called hipsters. Hipsters live off their rich parents money and claim to be poor. They wear expensive designer knock offs of thrift store clothing, and deny being rich. Indie kids are known as the modern bohemians, and often hold artsy, low paying jobs.

The Emo kids on the other hand have a completely different sense of style. The undersized band t-shirt, preferably black, is a must, but it's imperative that it is an Emo band. One should never be "that guy" either. ("That guy" is the person who wears the bands t-shirt to the bands show.) Another essential article of clothing to the Emo culture is the hoodie, whether is be a band hoodie or a plain hoodie. Emo kids wear tight jeans whether they are male or female. Scarves and mittens are adored and often worn as well. For footwear, one can see an Emo kid wearing a...
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