Emma vs Clueless

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  • Published : March 4, 2011
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Transformations often involve using the same storyline of a text and changing its context in order to suit the environment, culture or society. In terms of highlighting the themes in a transformed text, it also indicates that the issues that were apparent in the past are still relevant to the current society. The director of the film “Clueless”, Amy Heckerling, has accomplished this through convenient transformation of Jane Austen’s novel “Emma”. Heckerling has supported Austen’s novel in a positive way, however has altered the values seen in Austen’s period to fit modern audiences. The themes of “Clueless” show the context of “Emma” in a contemporary period, converting the text to a well-known high school society in Beverly Hills. Amy Heckerling’s production of “Clueless” presented in 1995 expresses the typical parallels between features, characters and values of the novel “Emma”. In relation to the re-plotting of the text, Heckerling successfully substitutes the values regarding social class, manners, formal conversation and importance of self-image of the novel “Emma”, into another world of social interactions and popularity in a high school environment.

Through the representation of values that is characterized by the protagonist, the composers portray a significant visual image to emphasize the theme of self awareness. This is expressed in the opening paragraph of “Emma”, where Jane Austen has employed descriptive techniques using adjectives like “handsome, clever and rich, with comfortable home and happy disposition” and “most affectionate, indulgent father” to give the reader and understanding of the position that the protagonists has in that society. This can be paralleled with the film “Clueless” as it begins with fast paced rock-style music to involve the viewers of modern culture. The use of color imagery “Bright blue, green, yellow, red and orange” suggests the excitement and lively atmosphere the film presents. The protagonist, “Cher”, interrupts...
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